Weebles Bar & Grill

Weebles Bar & Grill

Video gaming in Springfield

Video Gaming at Weebles Bar & Grill in Springfield, IL

Weebles Bar & Grill is one of those restaurants and bars with real-deal video gaming in Charleston, IL. The set-up is nuts. Not only do you get to play on some of the most innovative video poker and slot machines in all of Charleston, but it’s also the home of the $5 half lb. cheeseburger. On top of that, there’s outdoor and indoor dining available seven days a week, along with curbside pick-up and delivery.

As if Weebles Bar & Grill didn’t already sound like a blast for video gaming players—it gets better. We recommend that you register for the Player PAYBACK™ rewards program. If you do, you win a $5 match play offer, a free cheeseburger with fries, and a free hoodie just by signing on over multiple days. That’s easy pickings for someone who’s already into gaming. And don’t forget that you can win J&J Gaming points to apply toward free brand merchandise too.

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There are plenty of video gaming locations near Springfield, IL, but how many of them can claim that they have the best half-pound burger on the northside of town? Not only that, but Weebles Bar & Grill is also a new satellite for the Thursday night drawing. Since there are so many wins you can get here, don’t be surprised if this is where you pull off your biggest win yet.

Quality matters in the kitchen just as much as it does on the slots. The meat is 100% fresh. Patrons swear this is the best-tasting, bang-for-your-buck burger. All the burgers come from none other than Humphrey’s Market and are handcrafted fresh to order. In fact, most of the ingredients used at Weebles Bar & Grill are grown locally.

If the half-pound burger is their most famous burger, then the Irish nachos are their signature appetizer. It’s waffle fries smothered in zesty nacho cheese sauce, taco meat, tomatoes, onions, and sour cream to create a flavor explosion. Enjoy the food while listening to live music, supporting benefits such as the Annual Shrimp Bowl, drinking in the beer garden, or play the slots to your heart’s content. Catch you there!


(217) 528-3337


Mon-Sun: 10am-1am

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Player PAYBACK™ $5 Match Play Offer & Free Cheeseburger with Fries Offer, and Free Hoodie Offer

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