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Location Points

Patrons have the opportunity to check in at each participating establishment to earn “Location Points” that can be redeemed for Match Play and other promotions. Location Points can only be redeemed at the establishment in which they were accrued. Patrons choose if they want to receive their rewards via text or by locating an employee.

J&J Points

While checking in on the tablet, patrons can also play the “Featured Game” to earn J&J Points that can be redeemed for J&J items on the tablet. These points are universal and can be accrued and redeemed at any participating J&J establishment.

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An inside look

to J&J’s exclusive Player PAYBACK™️ rewards program. Where patrons can check-in and earn points towards exclusive J&J name-brand merchandise and multiple sweepstakes.

Player PAYBACK™ Locations

      Player FAQs

      How do I register for the Player PAYBACK™ rewards program?

      Enroll in the program by completing and submitting the requested information on the tablet near the gaming area at participating locations, or through the “SIGN UP NOW” button above.

      Does it cost anything to become a member?

      There is no cost associated with registering and participating in the Player PAYBACK™ program.

      How do I earn points?

      Once enrolled, you may “check-in” on-site at the Participating Location by entering your telephone number on the designated tablet. Location points are limited to one (1) check-in per person per day. Patrons can also earn J&J Points at participating locations by playing the featured game on the tablet (J&J Play) following a check in. Each patron is limited to one (1) J&J Play per hour, and a total of four (4) J&J Plays per day across all Participating Locations.

      Can I transfer points?

      Points cannot be shared between Location Points and J&J Points. Location Points can only be redeemed at the participating location where they were earned. J&J Points, however, can be earned and redeemed at any participating J&J location. Points also cannot be transferred between players.

      Do my points expire?

      Location Points and J&J Points do not expire. However, if a participating location decides to end the program, any Location Points accrued at that location will be void, but J&J Points will stay intact. Either party (the Participating Location or Terminal Operator) may cancel this program at any time.

      Who can register for the Player PAYBACK™ program?

      All patrons 21 and older can register for a Player PAYBACK™ account, regardless if the patron intends to play the video gaming terminals or not. Per the rules and regulations, employees of the participating location and the immediate family members of each are not eligible to enroll in the program at the place they are employed. However, they are permi­tted to enroll at other participating locations. An “immediate family member” is defined to mean spouse, parent, grandparent, child or sibling. In-laws are not considered to be immediate family members.

      How many points do I currently have?

      Check your point balance at any time by entering your 10 digit number above and selecting “VIEW POINTS.”

      Who should I contact if there is a problem?

      • If there is a problem with your rewards account, please notify the employee to contact 855-752-9558, or reach out to and a Rewards team member will troubleshoot the issue.
      • If there is a problem with the on-site tablet, please notify the employee to contact 855-752-9558 and a J&J employee will service the tablet Mon-Fri 8am-5PM.

      To review rules and regulations, click here.

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