“We’ll Never Leave J&J”

Our Reviews

J&J takes pride in all of our relationships, but don’t just take our word for it.

Continental Restaurant

“We consider J&J to be the all-in-one terminal operator. They provide excellent service, friendly staff, exceptional gaming selection, and thorough reporting that allows us to constantly reconcile our financial data. We can always count on J&J and are with them for the long haul.”

Pete Panayiotou

Tumble Inn Tavern

“J&J has proved to be a great terminal operator. We are so glad we were able to keep the same team through the acquisition and continue to see the same faces that we’ve worked with for years! The company continues to go above and beyond to make sure all of our needs are met. We are excited to see the continued success that J&J will bring to Tumble Inn Tavern!”

Toby Herges

Grandma’s Wine Deli Gaming

“Our new Terminal Operator is J&J Gaming. The relationship with our partner is excellent! They are receptive to our needs, are responsive to our service calls and any other problem that may arise in our game room. A big reason why our relationship with J&J is stellar is because of our Account Manager. He is amazing, knows his job extremely well, and is in a class all by himself! We signed a 10 year contract and we plan on being partners with J&J Gaming for many years to come.”

Jane Badegian-Pira

Fast Stop General Store

“J&J is everything we need in a terminal operator and more! The entire team goes above and beyond to make sure we are compliant, our machines receive the newest game sets and we increase our bottom line with customized marketing strategies. They are always at our disposal and are quick and efficient to handle all requests. We will always stick with J&J!”

Kelly Swingler

Friday’s South

“Our partnership with J&J is approaching the ten year mark. During this time, J&J experienced significant growth. Although J&J has expanded and taken more roles, they continue to provide service as you are their only customer. J&J is informative, but not overly insistent on changes or promotions, which is appreciated by business owners. In addition to their quick and quality service, we feel that the J&J staff are our friends. But, overall, the most important factor is the professionalism and integrity. The video gaming is an industry that is heavily regulated, J&J provides comfort that we are fully compliant in a part of our business that is so important to our success.”

Rob Juelfs

Moe’s Package Liquor

“One of the best business partners to work with. Always friendly and eager to help with any problems. Love their outstanding service. They are always on top of updating our software. They are quick to respond when we call.”

Calista Davidson

NMT Drink

“Service is the most important. J&J has timely responses to repairs and issues. 2. Local representation that works with you and understands individual needs. 3. Co-op advertising.”

Stephan Grace

Orchard Inn

“J&J is one top notch company. Their entire team goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. They make sure we have the games that are successful in our market, which is very important to our bottom line. Their service is outstanding and we couldn’t be any happier to be partnered with J&J.”

Jerry Jansen

Savoy Lounge

“J&J’s service has always been very responsive, always with a friendly and positive attitude. Their compliance department is always on top of things and keeps me informed. Lines of communication are always open both ways.”

Tim Rowe

Top Dollar – Alpine/Riverside

“We are very thankful to be partnered with J&J. They have always gone above and beyond for us. Their whole team is excellent. From management to service. We have two locations with J&J and highly recommend them to everyone in the gaming industry!”

Frank Laudicina

West Side Tavern

“West Side Tavern is proud to be apart of the J&J Team! J&J is THE top notch terminal operator. 24/7 their team goes above and beyond with service, staff, and operations. Whenever any questions arise they are there taking action. 100% happy customers!”

Marty Gibson

A-1 Liquors

“We’ve been with J&J Gaming since 2018 and couldn’t ask for a better terminal operator! They use their Bally reporting system to analyze our game play to make sure we have the best set of machines for our customers. It makes all the difference knowing they care about every aspect of the gaming experience and they truly want the best for their partners. We couldn’t imagine having anyone else as our terminal operator.”

Nirav Patel

DJ’s Party Supply in Effingham

“J&J Gaming made the introduction to video gaming simple. By handling the licensing process, they reduced our stress in dealing with the paperwork. Today they continue to update us on gaming regulations, keep our information up-to-date and so much more. We look forward to our continued partnership with the honest, helpful and kind people at J&J.”

Jennifer Niebrugge

Joe’s Bar, Gaming & Live Music

“Our sales person is amazing! He checks in on us rather than having to call him. Not only will we NEVER switch from J&J, we will also be using them when we eventually open a second location.”

Rachel Russell

Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center

“J&J is the best gaming company to work with. I have the best service and service is important when you have a 24/7 gaming room. I also have the best account manager in the business.”

Anoop (Snoop) Kataria

The Salem Pour House

“If you are looking for a terminal operator that will take care of your needs immediately and bring you the BEST service then contact J&J Gaming. Not only do they handle service calls quickly, but they are always finding ways to help us increase our revenue. J&J Gaming has consistently proven to be the best choice for us as a partner and we recommend them to everyone.”

Chad Wilderman

The Shoebox

“Our partnership with J&J has been great from the start. We at The Shoebox realized at first that there were other choices in terminal operators and we soon discovered that J&J was hands down the best service out there. From the excellent 24 hour service to the detailed reporting, J&J has helped our business soar! We will never change terminal operators and will always recommend J&J!”

John Wessel

Jackpot Gaming Parlor

“Great company to do business with! J&J employees have been amazing since the beginning. Great staff, great customer service and support.”

Julia Kaennedy

Niemerg’s Steakhouse

“J&J makes our success their #1 priority. We’ve been with them from the beginning and have always been treated with the upmost respect. Between the outstanding service, our personal and attentive account manager, and first-class equipment, we couldn’t ask for more! We are so happy to be a part of the J&J team.”

Jason Sandschafer

Columbus Club of Millstadt

“I love the J&J experience we had so far. Everyone has been outstanding to work with! They always come quickly if there’s a problem. We used to have Accel and it would be many hours or longer for them to come. So glad we switched!”

JoAnn Suemnicht

The Gabby Goat

“J&J has all the great qualities we need in a terminal operator! We are specially grateful for their security services and 24/7 support. They truly are “Always On”. If we have an issue, it is handled in a friendly, timely manner. We will never switch to a different terminal operator!”

Jason Gines

Dogs on the Chain

“Over the last year, J&J and staff has been nothing but outstanding. The communication within myself and the staff is excellent. My account manager is great! Software and equipment is always up to par and any issues are corrected immediately.”

Steven Sliozis

You Korean & Japanese Best Cuisine

“J&J’s partnership gives us new insights on gaming to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience every time. From the layout of our gaming rooms, to analyzing data to guarantee we have the best mix of machines, J&J provides unmatched expertise. With J&J Gaming we are confident our customers are always happy.”

Chel You

104 Store

“We would highly recommend J&J Ventures as a successful gaming partner and service provider! They provide their gaming locations with cutting-edge equipment and signage. The prompt and excellent support and repair service they provide are invaluable to keep our gaming locations fully operational every day! The staff is super helpful and friendly, and our account manager is always responsive to our needs. The Player PAYBACK™ Program, also provided by J&J, is loved and appreciated by our customers as well!”

Donald Kern

5th Street Billiards Bar and Grill

“It’s weird how J&J and I connected at the beginning, but thank goodness that we did! They are an awesome team and that’s just what my new business needed! I look forward to spending many years with this company, and yes, I did my research! J&J has everyone beat! Customer service, building a strong business together! They have my back!”

Jaycee Faries

Station Street Tap

“J&J Gaming is the best! Their service, equipment, technical reporting, and marketing ideas continue to be top notch. Our account manager is very knowledgeable and available to answer any questions that arise. We routinely work together brainstorming different marketing strategies to encourage business. When it comes to service the J&J local team is always quick to respond and resolve any problem. Their overall attitudes and work ethic shine and we will couldn’t be happier to be a part of the J&J team.”

Billy Thacker

Eddie’s Bar & Grill

“The transition to J&J Gaming was quick and hassle free. The entire team goes above and beyond to make sure all of our needs are met. FlexPay allows us to choose how often we are paid and includes detailed, straightforward reporting which is a unique feature we will always appreciate. Eddie’s Bar and Grill is proud to be part of the J&J team!”

Sheri Gorman

Effingham Event Center

“J&J has everything I need for my establishment. I partner with them for my video gaming and ATM because I know they will always take care of me. This one-stop shop provides impeccable customer service with ease and efficiency, I will always stay with J&J.”

Mark J Spour

The Corner Chill and Grill

“J&J has always made sure we are up to date on all of our games, jukebox and poker machines. We have a great relationship established and couldn’t think of having any other company for our business. Not only do we have gaming with them, we also have camera monitoring. The exceptional customer service speaks for itself. They are always available for any issues. I think they need more praise for the timely manner everything is always handled. Any time, any day, any hour of the day or night! I would like to express your company will always have my business now and in the future!”

Cassandra Staley

The Detour

“Great company with very friendly staff. Very prompt & informative on what’s going on and what’s coming up. Compliance team is amazing.”

Neil Kessman

J & P Trails End

“J&P Trails End is proud to be apart of the J&J team. J&J made the transition process smooth and seamless for us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. The efficiency of switching over to their equipment and processes proved to us that they would provide first-class service. Not only has the service been excellent, the staff has went above and beyond. They inquired immediately about our history, questions, and concerns. Then delivered 110% with certain changes we were hoping would take place. We were excited for this partnership and we continue to trust that we will be taken care of.”

Peggy Kennedy

Thelma Keller Convention Center

“J&J sets our business up for success! Whether it’s keeping us compliant, supplying the best game selections and software updates or the great marketing ideas, J&J always provides! This company will be our terminal operator for life!”

Renee Crivilare

Sue’s Corner

“I could not be happier with the service from J&J. They are simple the BEST!! They never disappoint.”

Terri Johnson-Bast

Beer Barrel Pub, Inc.

“If you want a company that will help you with compliance and make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be, then you should use J&J. I also have to recommend them because of the machines they provide. Our business is kept up-to-date with new and fun games, which our customers enjoy playing. Overall, J&J has good machines, customer service, and compliance assistance. I highly recommend them.”

Chris Lamere

DAV Chapter #17 – Decatur

“J&J Gaming continues to surpass our expectations. We completely recommend them to everyone as the ”full package deal” – a 24/7 call center to address all issues immediately, inclusive reporting like no other, and a qualified team to assist with all matters.”

Al Reynolds

Jackpot Slots & Video Poker

“I can’t say enough good things about this company. From my account manager, to every person who has serviced my machines, installed cameras, or helped me in anyway; they are professional, efficient, and kind. The repairs and service are quick! I’ve never had such great service! I’m so very happy with my choice in switching to J&J! The transition was smooth and stress free! I look forward to many years with J&J.”

Patricia Knoblauch

Meyer Oil

“J&J Gaming has unparalleled service! Every member of their team has went above and beyond for any of our needs, whether that be equipment, reporting, compliance, marketing, etc. We could not be happier with the relationship we have with J&J Gaming and look forward to our continued success!”

Jake Meyer

Pistol City, Inc

“We’ve been affiliated with J&J for a while now and I can honestly say, we couldn’t be happier. The service from J&J is exceptional. All service calls, even on nights and weekends, are handled promptly and courteously. Reporting is completely transparent, and payments are processed lightning fast. We couldn’t ask for anything more!”

Kyle Hinnerichs

Sparta VFW

“We feel the same about J&J as we did when we first partnered with them in 2013. Service is fast, procedures are simple, and their employees are courteous, but I would like to emphasize something: each and every employee, whether it be someone from gaming, amusements, or security has been polite beyond belief. That speaks volumes about a company. I only wish more businesses were like them.”

Gary Stork

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