Illinois Gaming Establishment Resources

Responsible Gaming Resources

In an effort to promote responsible gambling among Illinois residents, we provide gaming establishments and patrons with various resources—including responsible gaming cards, posters, and social media posts. You can right click to save the image to encourage patrons to play responsibly through social media posts.

If you want to know more about how to game responsibly, contact us at 855-921-1030.

Responsible Gaming Cards

Responsible Gaming Posters

Social Media Posts

Required Responsible Gaming Sign (Option 1)

Required Responsible Gaming Sticker (Option 2)

Social Media Inspiration

Need ideas for social media posts? You can right-click to save the image to help boost gaming at your Illinois establishment.

Player PAYBACK® Social Media

New Games Social Media

Have you received a new game at your Illinois location? Right-click to save the image, and promote your new game and cabinet on your business social media pages to create excitement.

Illinois Gaming Tips & Tricks

Strategic Marketing Tips to Maximize Gaming Revenue

Join J&J’s exclusive rewards program Player PAYBACK® to boost your patron loyalty! You can even host location giveaways through the program to increase your foot traffic and patron excitement!

Bring in foot traffic to your location with eye-catching Video Gaming signage outside your location!

Promote video gaming through promotional materials inside your Illinois location, including tabletop signs, posters, and signage. We recommend displaying these marketing materials in windows, doors, and other visible places in your establishment.

Use social media to encourage players to visit your location! Promote your “Big Winners”, giveaways and events, and exclusive amenities to encourage foot traffic!

Key Patron Experience Suggestions

Bring further excitement to your patrons with J&J Amusements offerings including Dart & Pool leagues or tournaments at your location!

Ensure your staff is engaged and friendly to accommodate your video gamers.

Provide your gamers with free non-alcoholic beverages and food specials.

Privacy and discretion are key for maximum play. Private rooms, separated rooms, and half-walls are optimal to create privacy for your video gamers.

Keep restrooms clean and consider placing gaming areas close by.

Modify lighting in the video gaming area to be well-lit, but not overly bright

Adjust hours of operation to open mornings to capture early gamers. Open on Sundays when possible.

Check the J&J Gaming social media pages for industry updates and J&J news.

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