ATM Services

On-Site ATM

With J&J Amusements as your ATM service provider, we offer our partners a great way to enhance their business and customer experience with top-of-the-line ATM services. Our ATM machines are a turn-key solution with no investment necessary. We supply all cash dispensed by the ATM and we track and monitor transactions to make sure there is always cash available for your customers. Wondering how to install an ATM in your establishment? Let J&J Amusements help with options for on-site ATMs and Mobile ATMs.

Benefits of an On-Site ATM from J&J Amusements

  • No hidden costs for business owners
  • Lower credit card transaction fees
  • Reduced or eliminated need to accept checks
  • A customizable share of the surcharge fees
  • Instant cash access
  • Additional source of revenue
  • Increased sales at your location or event
  • Attracts new customers
  • ABA & ADA compliant

Mobile ATM

Cash is always the preferred method of payment at special events. So give your patrons instant access to cash, wherever the event is held, and make their event experience even better.

Benefits of a Mobile ATM from J&J Amusements

  • Perfect for festivals, concerts, street fairs, etc.
  • Delivered directly to your event location
  • ABA and ADA compliant
  • No investment on your part
  • Simple electric set up
  • High-visibility signage/banners

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team to learn more about our ATM services.