The Corner Pub

The Corner Pub

Video Gaming at The Corner Pub in Valmeyer, IL

Of all the bars and restaurants with video poker and slot machines in Valmeyer, IL, you need to head to The Corner Pub. This is a fantastic spot to hang out, have a drink, and see how far your luck will take you on the video gaming terminals.

The video gaming locations near Valmeyer just don’t compare to the experience offered at this bar & grill. That’s because The Corner Pub offers a unique Player PAYBACK® rewards program. Did we mention you can receive free brand merchandise by earning J&J Gaming points?

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Valmeyer

Up your video gaming experience by playing on the most premium quality video poker and slot machines in Valmeyer. The Corner Pub is run by truly caring owners. You can tell by the way they keep the place clean, the seating ample, and the atmosphere lively. It’s easy to find too as this spot is jeep and bike friendly.

Before you try darts, pool, or video gaming at The Corner Pub, be sure to grab a bite to eat. The food and service here are outstanding. For beverages, you can order a draft or craft beer or even a classic Bloody Mary. As far as the pub grub goes, you can dine on tacos, cobb salad, BLT sandwiches, cheeseburgers, tater tots, and more.

If you’re feeling competitive, give the burger challenge a try. It’s a burger stacked with thick layers of cheese, hamburger patties, and bacon strips, topped with a jalapeno pepper, and surrounded by heaps of french fries. Even if you can’t manage to finish that monstrous burger, you should see if you can pull off a big win on the video gaming machines instead. It would be a good way to end a good time with good people.


(618) 935-8209


Sunday: 12pm-12am; Monday: Closed; Tuesday-Thursday: 4pm-12am; Friday: 4pm-1am; Saturday: 12pm-12am

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