Stoneys Slots, LLC

Stoneys Slots, LLC

Video Gaming at Stoneys Slots, LLC in Stonington, IL

Of all the video gaming locations in Stonington, IL, you’re going to love Stoneys Slots, LLC. This video gaming haven has enough state-of-the-art machines to satisfy your competitive side and your appetite. They offer weekly beer specials along with free hot dogs, chips, soda, and water.

Play high-quality video slots and poker in Stonington while chowing down on a gourmet hot dog at Stoneys Slots, LLC. You’re bound to walk out a big winner, because Stoneys Slots, LLC has a robust Player PAYBACK® rewards program. Register and play for multiple days, then bam. You’re eligible for a free $5 in match play. Don’t miss out on this great deal at Stoneys Slots in Stonington. And it’s made even better when you collect enough J&J Gaming points for free brand merchandise.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Stonington

Looking for video gaming options near Stonington? Stoneys Slots, LLC is a local slot spot that sure knows how to pack a punch. Not only can you play all day with their accessible hours, but they also always serve up their drinks cold. Request your favorite and try not to act too surprised when you find out they have it.

Once you’ve got some liquid luck in your system, have a seat in front of any of the six video gaming terminals. Each one holds dozens of different games, so there’s no question you’ll find at least a handful of ones that tickle your fancy – and your lucky streak. Stoneys Slots, LLC makes sure gaming is ultra-convenient for all their patrons with complimentary snacks and an on-site ATM too.

In addition to a big win on the slots, you may just line your pockets with cash from other gaming promotions and giveaways at Stoneys Slots, LLC. Just stop in any or every day to see what’s on the promotions menu. However, the only way to increase your payout from Stoneys Slots, LLC is to come in, sit down, and let your skills shine. Be a winner with Stoneys Slots, LLC.


(217) 820-7541


Sunday: 8am-8pm; Monday-Saturday: 8am-12am

Gaming Promotions:

Player PAYBACK® $5

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