Lucy’s Place – Jacksonville

Lucy’s Place – Jacksonville

Video Gaming at Lucy’s Place in Jacksonville, IL

Do you want to visit an upscale neighborhood coffee house, pub, and deli that’s also a top-notch gaming parlor in Jacksonville? It’s time to check out Lucy’s Place. This five-star gaming hub has high-quality gaming equipment, tasty food and drink options, and welcoming staff to keep you coming back time after time. Plan your visit to Lucy’s Place today for your chance to win big at this popular Jacksonville gaming location.

Lucy’s Place is a well-known gaming location in the Jacksonville community for good reason. Besides being home to state-of-the-art video poker and slot machines produced by the industry’s leading manufacturers, Lucy’s Place also offers its gaming patrons a Player PAYBACK® $10 Match Play Offer. When you sign up for this rewards program, you earn points every time you game at Lucy’s Place that can be redeemed for match slot play and exclusive J&J Gaming merchandise. Bonus feature: gaming patrons also get free nonalcoholic drinks when they video game at Lucy’s Place. No wonder video gaming in Jacksonville is so popular among locals.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Jacksonville

Other than a top-notch video gaming experience, Lucy’s Place is known for its cozy interior design. The clean and quiet space is filled with upscale furnishings and decor that make it feel a bit like home. A trip to Lucy’s Place wouldn’t be complete without filling up on delicious food and drink items from the menu. Whether you prefer a pastry and gourmet coffee or a sandwich with a pint of beer, Lucy’s Place is designed for everything from breakfast on the go to a light lunch to an afternoon pick-me-up. Once you decide Lucy’s Place is where you’ll play video gaming in Jacksonville from now on, you can look forward to enjoying a relaxed environment surrounded by exciting entertainment.


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Player PAYBACK® $10 Match Play Offer

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