Video Gaming at JC’s in Davis Junction, IL

Not too many things can beat a bite out of a juicy, mouth-watering burger—especially after a long day. However, there is one thing that’s just as good as a satisfying meal. What is that one thing? Hours of entertainment on the Midwest’s greatest video gaming machines.

JC’s is known for their delicious burgers and has been flipping customers into regulars since 2015. In conjunction with the burgers, JC’s is equipped with five elite video gaming machines built by quality manufacturers for your ultimate enjoyment. Experience what it feels like to partake in a private video gaming area where you can try your hand at luck as you wait for your meal.

Be sure to sign up for the Player PAYBACK™ program at JC’s so you can earn points every time you game. Play over multiple days and redeem those points for $5 in match slot play and exclusive merchandise. Thanks to gaming provider J&J Gaming, video gaming in Davis Junction doesn’t have to be boring. Head over to JC’s and amplify your night with great food, company, and top-notch video gaming.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Davis Junction

There’s a reason why the Davis Junction locals are calling JC’s burgers the best burgers in town—and there’s a reason for their highly-rated reviews. JC’s is a small bar delivering the promise of excellent food, service, and that “at home” feeling. Feel like family in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other—including the regulars at JC’s. Sit back and relax in the gaming area or the spacious outdoor patio with a free non-alcoholic drink—complimentary to gaming patrons like yourself.

Can’t stay for the evening? Don’t worry; you don’t have to miss out on JC’s flavorful bites. Grab some carry-out and enjoy the taste of JC’s in your own home. Just remember to take a chance at winning big before you leave—you never know, you might just strike gold. Liven up your night and take a spin at JC’s all week long.


(815) 420-8198


Mon-Wed: 11am-1am; Thurs: 11am-2am; Fri& Sat: 10am-2am; Sun: 11am- 12am

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Player PAYBACK™ $5 Match Play Offer

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