Easy Slots 2

Easy Slots 2

Video Gaming at Easy Slots 2 in East Alton, IL

Easy Slots 2 is one of the awesome video gaming locations near East Alton, IL, conveniently located at 112 West Main Street. Everyone feels welcome at Easy Slots 2 with its cleanliness, roominess, and accessibility. Gaming patrons really win with the free snacks, soft drinks, and coffee. Clean, safe, and roomy, let’s find out if you’ve got what it takes to win big at Easy Slots 2.

The list of free stuff from Easy Slots 2 doesn’t end there. You can also get your hands on free rewards by jumping on the incredible video slot and poker machines in East Alton. Start by registering for the Player PAYBACK™ rewards program. After that, just by checking in and playing, you can win as much as $5, $10, or $15 in match play. Crazy right? But Easy Slots 2 rewards get even better with  J&J Gaming points for grabs so players can save them for free brand merchandise.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in East Alton

It’s a player’s world, and everyone’s living in it whenever they visit Easy Slots 2. This gambling house sports a clean-cut, modern industrial interior so players can feel good and play with no distractions whenever they’ve stopped in. And once you’ve visited, it’s hard not to become a regular with how well this establishment treats its players.

Open 7 days a week, Easy Slots 2 is locally owned and brimming with good energy. They offer free video gaming rewards, snacks, coffee, soda, and $1 beers. If you don’t have any cash on you, then they’ve got you covered with the on-site ATM. Grab whatever you need to get going on the slots.

There are six machines available for you to find out just how far your luck can take you. It could even become one of Easy Slots 2’s legendary big wins. They’re here, they’re hot—they’re Easy Slots 2, and they’re waiting for you.


(618) 216-3980


Monday-Thursday: 8am- 12am; Friday-Saturday: 8am-1am; Sunday: 12pm- 12am

Gaming Promotions:

Player PAYBACK™ $5, $10, and $15 Match Play Offer

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