Buck Wild

Buck Wild

Video Gaming at Buck Wild in Island Lake, IL

Lake, IL. Known for their quality food, Buck Wild offers daily lunch and drink specials to please their guests. Buck Wild is a perfect option when looking for bars and restaurants with video gaming. Go wild with their amazing video gaming choices!

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Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Island Lake

Janeen “GiGi” Kaecker has owned Buck Wild for almost a decade. Over this time, customers have continually raved about their wings and burgers. They’re called some of the best in the Island Lake area!

When GiGi took over the place, she decided to stick with the bar and grill aesthetic. Buck Wild’s decor has a wildlife theme featuring deer, fish, skulls, ducks, and moose displayed throughout. This decor creates a rustic, laid-back atmosphere that people love experiencing firsthand. GiGi and her staff play a big part in the pleasant vibe too.

Buck Wild hosts a variety of community and family-style events, such as their Chili and Spaghetti Cook-Off Challenges. Their patrons love these, as proven by the consistently amazing turnouts. Nobody walks away hungry! Buck Wild also throws great holiday parties for their loyal customers, complete with festive decor that gets the crowd excited for the season.

As far as entertainment is concerned, Buck Wild offers plenty of different options. Play dozens of slot machine games, watch all your favorite sports teams, or enjoy classic bar entertainment like pool tables and darts for some friendly competition.

Next time you’re in the area—take a detour and visit Buck Wild. We guarantee it will be worth your WILD!


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