Illinois Gambling Laws & Illinois Slot Machines

In the last decade, video gambling in Illinois has seen tremendous growth. From sports betting to lottery tickets and scratchers, Illinois gambling laws have evolved and Illinois slot machines and gambling are becoming a more popular form of entertainment in bars, restaurants, truck stops, and fraternal and veteran organizations in Illinois. Licensed Illinois video gaming establishments are following Illinois gambling laws and obtaining gaming machines to grow their business with Illinois slot machine revenue. Slot machines and video gaming in Illinois allow business owners to bring in new customers & increase foot traffic.

With thousands of Illinois slot machines and video gambling opportunities in the Illinois area, the return on investment for the Illinois video gambling industry is staggering. Year after year, Illinois video gaming locations with a gambling license are earning a record-breaking amount of Illinois slot machines revenue and new customers.

Illinois slot machines have an interesting history and can greatly benefit your company’s bottom line, but it’s important to understand the laws surrounding video gambling in Illinois before setting up video gaming for your bar, restaurant, truck stop, or fraternal and veteran organization.

A J&J team member is always available to share more information on the Illinois gambling laws and walk you through the steps of applying for video gaming at your establishment.

Brief History of Illinois Gambling Laws & Illinois Gambling Licenses

Illinois Gambling laws were first established with Horse Racing in the 1920s. Though it was immensely popular for many years, the industry has slowed recently and has seen a decline in both profits and participation. After the Riverboat Gaming Act came into effect, riverboat casinos were one of the top streams for gaming revenue and video gambling activities in Illinois. That is until video gaming surpassed the casinos and empowered small businesses.

In 2009, a major turning point in Illinois gambling laws made the state even more progressive and gave individuals the freedom to participate in additional forms of gambling. The Illinois Video Gaming Act was enacted at this time and allows the use of Illinois slot machines in liquor-pouring establishments and truck stops. Businesses such as bars and restaurants can have up to 6 slot machines and participate in video gambling activities in Illinois. In addition, gambling laws allow for a total of 10 Illinois slot machines to be utilized at large truck stops. The Illinois Video Gaming Act is enforced and maintained by the Illinois Gaming Board. As more municipalities allow Illinois slot machines, Illinois businesses’ interest in obtaining a gambling license from the Illinois Gaming Board continues to grow.

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Types of Gambling Allowed by Illinois Gaming Laws

Pull Tab & Jar Games
Video Gaming
Horse Racing
Charitable Games
Live Poker
Sports Betting

Video Gaming in Illinois

As stated in the Illinois Video Gaming Act, Illinois slot machines and video gaming terminals are legal in the state as long as the location has the necessary gambling licenses. As a premier Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator, J&J Gaming provides access to a wide variety of the newest and most popular video gaming options. We offer the necessary compliance, security, marketing and more for bars, restaurants, truck stops, fraternal and veteran organizations.

All types of gambling currently allowed by Illinois with proper licensing:

Pull Tab & Jar Games
Video Gaming
Horse Racing
Charitable Games
Live Poker
Sports Betting

The Illinois Slot Machines Revenue is Split Between:

State of Illinois:


Local Municipality:


Terminal Operator:


Licensed Location:


Admin Fee:


Grow Your Bar, Restaurant, & Business With Illinois Slot Machines

If you are looking for new ways to improve the bottom line at your bar, restaurant, truck stop, fraternal, or veteran organization, Illinois slot machine revenue should be added to the top of your options. We offer video slot machines to businesses in Illinois from the largest manufacturers such as WMS, Bally Technologies, Novomatic, Spielo, IGT, Light & Wonder, Aristocrat, and Inspired. Under Illinois gambling laws, the profits received from slot machines can be used in a number of ways to benefit and grow your location. Just a few of these options are:

Enhance digital and traditional marketing campaigns.
Additions to your food and drink menus.
Expanding your hours of operation.
Hiring additional staff members, managers, waitstaff, and creating other new jobs.

Maximize Your Revenue with J&J Gaming

As an Illinois Video Gaming Terminal Operator, J&J Gaming is your one-stop shop for everything involved with Illinois gambling laws and Illinois gaming machines for your business location. We will help you obtain and renew your Illinois Gaming License and Liquor License. In addition, the team at J&J Gaming will help you plan customized marketing strategies at your bar or restaurant to attract customers. Our goal is to help you reach new heights in Illinois slot machine revenue by assisting with the following:

24/7 service excellence
Newest & most popular video slot machines and software
Unparalleled reporting & analytics
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Tailored marketing plans
Fast and flexible payouts
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Are Illinois Gaming Reports available to the public?

The Illinois Gaming Board provides access to gaming performance and revenue reports on its website. There are 3 types of gaming reports available to the public, Statewide, Municipality, and Establishment. The Establishment report outlines data that illustrates the total revenue earned from video slot machines at locations such as bars, restaurants, gaming parlors, truck stops, and fraternal and veteran organizations.

This type of report also outlines other data such as total slot machines, Net Terminal Income, municipality, and license numbers. All Illinois gaming reports include key performance indicators that display the performance of the video slot machines in your establishment. For example, the Amount Played metric is a summary of the total amount of money played by customers at your Illinois slot machines. On the other hand, the Amount Won metric summarizes the total amount of money awarded to customers that participated in video gambling.

Am I allowed to perform repairs on my video slot machines?

According to the video gambling laws in Illinois, only Licensed Terminal Handlers have the authority to perform maintenance or repair projects on an Illinois gaming system. As a J&J Gaming partner, our 24/7 service support line is always available. Should you experience any problems with your video gaming machines, we’re just a phone call away. A Licensed Terminal Handler will be in contact to troubleshoot the issue immediately, but for more in-depth issues, a licensed terminal handler will be dispatched to your location. We maintain an average maintenance response time of one hour to make sure that we get your location back to earning revenue as quickly as possible.

Are we required to monitor the video gambling room if we have a surveillance system with TV monitors?

All establishments that choose to participate in video gambling in Illinois are required to have at least one staff member that is over the age of 21 to monitor the game room. This individual will be tasked with the responsibility of prohibiting gambling activities to anyone that is under the age of 21. Surveillance systems cannot be used in place of a staff member for monitoring purposes.

How do I obtain my Illinois gaming report?

At J&J Gaming we provide a full analysis of your business, right at your fingertips. With our client portal, J&J Connect, establishment owners can review in-depth reporting and analytics on their business, while gaining total insight into their performance, growth, and success! J&J invested in backend reporting software with the most detailed reporting in the industry, down to the hour. Compared to the competition, J&J brings you all the details to understand your business and industry trends at the touch of a button.

Review multiple reports from your location snapshot and weekly Video Gaming Terminal (VGT) performance report to Trailing VGT and Net Terminal Income (NTI)Trends to learn more about your business!

Are video slot machines allowed to be played all day?

Illinois gambling laws only permit legal video gambling to occur at times based on your local municipality’s liquor license ordinance. On the other hand, certified truck stops that do not have a liquor license are allowed to operate Illinois gaming machines 24/7.

Is video gambling allowed in all municipalities in Illinois?

No. Each municipality in Illinois has the authority to allow or prohibit video slot machines and gambling. If your restaurant or bar is located in an area that prohibits slot machines, you will not be able to offer games or gambling services to customers at your address. On the other hand, establishments in unincorporated locations of Illinois will have to abide by the Illinois video gambling regulations that have been implemented by the local county board.

In addition, all local government bodies in Illinois are given an opportunity to accept or decline the usage of Illinois video gaming machines. The Illinois Gaming Board provides a listing of each local municipality and its eligibility to participate in video gambling activities.

How do I renew the Illinois gaming license for my bar or restaurant?

A representative at the Illinois Gaming Board will send a message to the email address provided in the initial application that will outline the process of renewing your Illinois Video Gaming License. The information in your application needs to be kept current to stay compliant (i.e., state & Local Liquor License expiration dates, home address, phone numbers, etc.).

Fortunately, as a J&J Gaming partner, our Compliance Team consistently updates your information to stay compliant. Furthermore, we offer friendly reminders on gaming license renewal through the J&J Connect client portal. The establishment owner only needs to go online, pay the renewal fee, and print the updated license. As an additional service, J&J can collect a $100 check from an establishment and submit on your behalf. Similarly, we provide reminders on state liquor license renewals.

What if I forget to pay my yearly video gaming license renewal fee?

Under the current Illinois video gambling laws from the Illinois Gaming Board, all video gaming locations are required to pay the yearly Illinois gaming license renewal fee prior to the expiration date. If you forget to pay this fee, the slot machines at your bar or restaurant will be deactivated, and you are given a total of 10 days following the expiration date to pay the renewal fee. To assist you in the renewal process, J&J Gaming provides renewal reminders before the due date and can even collect and submit your license check for you!

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