About Light & Wonder™ Inc. Slot Machines & Games

About Light & Wonder™ Inc. Slot Machines & Games

Light & Wonder™ Inc. Provides Video Gaming Machines for J&J Gaming in the Illinois & Pennsylvania Markets

Light & Wonder™ Inc. is one of the most distinguished names in the gaming industry, operating across six continents. Light & Wonder slot machine cabinets feature the latest technology and are engineered with the player and operator in mind for unmatched quality, reliability, and easy serviceability. They’re designed to deliver unparalleled player attraction and engagement with state-of-the-art graphics, beloved games, and proven player-favorite features.

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Light & Wonder Video Gaming Machines for Your Establishment

Do you need Light & Wonder gaming machines for your bar, restaurant, truck stop, or fraternal organization? J&J Gaming is a Video Gaming Terminal Operator (TO) that offers Light & Wonder video slot and gaming machines to licensed establishments. We offer full-service slot machine repair and installation support for Light & Wonder gaming machines.

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Light & Wonder and Illinois Slot Machines

The Illinois Gaming Board has contracted Light & Wonder to develop a central communication system or CCS that all Illinois gaming machines are connected to. 

The CCS is an electronic system connecting all Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) and redemption devices at all gaming locations via an on-site controller. The CCS creates a reliable, secure network controlled by the Regulator that ensures integrity of game play, provides consumer protection against tampering, and captures auditable data used to track all game play, pay outs, and net gaming revenue.

The CCS software allows Light & Wonder to remotely inspect, track, and even disconnect any Illinois gaming machines depending on the needs and requests of the Illinois Gaming Board. This system ensures that machine play is based on the liquor pouring hours of the municipality and that terminals are shut down if a local establishment is facing disciplinary action for misuse of Illinois gaming revenue and slot machines.

About J&J Gaming

Family-owned and operated since 1929, we supply top-of-the-line gaming machines to restaurants, bars, truck stops, and more. We’re a licensed Video Gaming Terminal Operator (TO) specializing in the management and promotion of Light & Wonder slot machines and games. Our team is committed to helping establishments acquire and promote video slot machines to earn gaming revenue and increase their bottom line. We are a partner of the Gaming Board and offer slot machine repair and installation solutions for Light & Wonder gaming machines. By developing personal relationships with top manufacturers, we make sure every location partnered with J&J Gaming is getting the most out of its gaming machines.

Increase Foot Traffic With Light & Wonder Video Gaming Machines

J&J Gaming has helped hundreds of locations increase customer traffic and satisfaction not just by managing the installation of new Light & Wonder video slot and gaming machines, but also by implementing marketing measures to raise awareness of the top-notch Light & Wonder games and entertainment available.

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