NEW! Introducing tiered rewards in 2023!

Player PAYBACK® brings tiered rewards in 2023!

J&J Gaming is pleased to announce that its Player PAYBACK® rewards program has been enhanced to provide participating patrons with a new player experience in 2023! The #1 loyalty program preferred by patrons is further boosting rewards for loyal customers of J&J Gaming and partnering establishments with a new tiered program. The more check-ins, the more perks loyal customers receive!

Patrons participating in the program can simply check in at the Player PAYBACK® kiosk with their mobile number to start earning towards a desired rewards level! Each level is dependent on the number of check-ins per quarter and unlocks additional perks for patrons to enjoy. The four reward levels a patron can achieve in the new tiered program are Member, Insider, Elite, or VIP. Patrons have the chance to access birthday and holiday rewards, new tier perks, and early access to new and discounted store items based on their number of check-ins! To gain entry into the next rewards level, simply keep checking in at participating Player PAYBACK® locations.  For information on when tiered rewards will be received and how you will be notified, visit our FAQ section.

Patron reward levels will be based on 2022 fourth quarter check-in activity and patrons can start visiting participating locations to increase their rewards level for next quarter! Patrons can receive up to 4 check-ins per day towards their rewards level. At the start of each quarter, check-in balances will reset to 0, but patrons will maintain their current reward level earned in the previous quarter. This way, patrons can keep checking in to elevate their rewards level from quarter to quarter.

Player PAYBACK® brings more customers into J&J Gaming partnered establishments and creates loyal patrons out of the rewards experience. By enhancing the rewards program in 2023, J&J Gaming will further increase customer loyalty with better and more frequent reward offerings in the new tiered program! Player PAYBACK® brings patrons into J&J Gaming establishments to earn location points and J&J points each time they visit a participating establishment. In addition, patrons enrolled in Player PAYBACK® will have the chance to WIN BIG during J&J sweepstakes. Plus, the program can be tailored to specific participating locations through the kiosk for that competitive advantage. Player PAYBACK® proves that PAYBACK DOES MATTER.™

Learn more information on Player PAYBACK®, see the official Rules and Regulations, and view a full list of participating locations.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be 21 or older to participate. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem call or text 1-800-522-470o.

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