Mom & Pops Slots

Mom & Pops Slots

Video Gaming at Mom & Pops Slots in St. Petersburg, IL

Did you know that you can find some of the highest quality video poker and slot machines in St. Petersburg, right off of Route 97? Try your hand at video gaming at Mom & Pops Slots liquor store. As one of the only liquor stores in town, the Waterworth family is invested in providing their customers with extra-friendly service and a beautiful remodel. Check it out at 503 N 6th St. Petersburg, IL 62675.

Mom & Pops Slots has been home to some gigantic video gaming wins. We like to think that these hot streaks were helped by their free $10 slot play punch card offer!  And while you’re gunning for this prize, you can enjoy the free non-alcoholic drinks they offer to all players. Along the way, collect J&J Gaming points to put toward free brand merchandise. Here’s hoping you’re the next big winner at Mom & Pops Slots.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in St. Petersburg

Of all the video gaming locations in St. Petersburg, IL, see how it feels to play in a clean-cut liquor store. Mom & Pops Slots is owned and run by Jason Waterworth. He works hard for his store to be a place where locals feel comfortable playing the slots or shopping from a good line of beer, liquor, and wine. It’s even got a little drive-up window, too.

There’s a chance that you’re not going to find better service and drink options than at Mom & Pops Slots. That’s probably why customers turn into regulars pretty quickly around there. They know they can trust Mom & Pops Slots to take care of them and put out a good deal.
There’s probably one more reason that local players like to come to this spot. Mom & Pops Slots hasn’t just had big wins—they’ve been gargantuan. Find out if you’ve got what it takes to be the next one in the hot seat at Mom & Pops Slots today.


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$10 Free Slot Play Punch Card Offer, Free nonalcoholic drinks for gaming patrons

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