J & P Trails End

J & P Trails End

Video Gaming in Campus, IL

Video Gaming at J & P Trails End in Campus, IL

Looking for your next big win? You can’t go wrong playing at J & P Trail Ends in Campus. Some people know this place for its appetizing menu and atmosphere, but you’ll know this place as a video gamer’s dream. This bar and restaurant offer patrons the comfort and convenience of having a private gaming area. You can play for hours without distraction or disturbance.

Any try could be your lucky one, but you’ll need to visit J & P Trail Ends first. When you’re there, you’re sure to notice how much better your gaming experience is. That’s because J&J Gaming supplies J & P trail Ends with top-of-the-line video gaming machines. Each machine was designed and manufactured by a titan in the video gaming industry, like Bally, Light & Wonder, Aristocrat, Inspired, and more.

It’s just part of the reason people visit J & P Trail Ends time and time again. Ready to become a frequent visitor? Don’t wait for an invitation—head there today.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Campus

According to a number of patrons, the state’s best cheeseburger can be found—or eaten, rather—at J & P Trail Ends. The only way you can find out for yourself is by visiting J & P Trail Ends in Campus, IL. But you don’t have to come alone. Catch the next game with your friends at J & P Trail Ends. Catch up over a couple of beers and explore daily food specials.

While you’re probably already thinking about heading over to J & P Trail Ends to try to hit the jackpot, don’t forget about the pool table. Compete with friends to see who can take home the bragging rights.

Great burgers, a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, and billiards. If any or all of those sound like a great way to spend an afternoon, then head over to J & p Trail Ends.


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Sun-Sat: 8am-9pm

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