J&J acquires Leisure Time Gaming & Amusements, Inc.

J&J acquires Leisure Time Gaming & Amusements, Inc.

February 16, 2022– J&J Ventures Gaming, LLC, and J&J Ventures Amusements, LLC are pleased to announce the acquisition of all assets from Leisure Time Gaming & Amusements, Inc. Located in Mundelein, Illinois, Leisure Time is a licensed terminal operator who excels in providing the latest income generating systems in amusements and gaming. In this transaction, J&J Ventures Gaming and J&J Ventures Amusements are purchasing all gaming and amusement operations of Leisure Time, which was owned by Rob Ferrari and Renee Civitella. Leisure Time is known for delivering the most profitable and interactive entertainment options for patrons and providing consistent revenue growth to its partnering establishments. By integrating with Leisure Time, J&J now operates in over 3,100 licensed video gaming and amusement locations.

“We are honored to further expand in the Chicago area to provide the same exceptional service that Leisure Time Gaming & Amusements has transformed the industry with over the past 30 years. Their excellence in customized, personal services and customer feedback will bring more individualized benefits and great success to our J&J partners. Leisure Time values their customers and ensures they receive the best equipment and technology from top-of-the-line video gaming machines and pool tables, to interactive juke boxes and arcade games. J&J plans to continue their efforts in personal-service excellence across all of our partnered establishments. We are proud to add their customers and employees to the J&J team.” said J&J Gaming CEO, Bob Willenborg.

“Leisure Time Gaming & Amusements is a personal service-based organization that prides itself on being responsive and accountable, to all of the locations we partner with. We are looking forward to working with the most trusted video gaming and amusements operator in the industry. We want to ensure our customers that this partnership will bring more growth and increased income, allowing them to be a step above the competition.” stated President, Renee Civitella.

The Illinois Video Gaming Act was enacted and approved by Illinois lawmakers in 2009 to help raise funds to repair schools and fix roads. State and municipalities share in the revenue generated from video gaming terminals placed in locations licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board. J&J Gaming was one of the first terminal operators to be licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board in January 2012 and went ‘live’ with gaming operations in October 2012.

J&J Ventures Gaming, LLC and J&J Ventures Amusements, LLC, are headquartered in Effingham, Illinois, where their predecessor, J&J Ventures, Inc., began route operations in 1929. Today, J&J Gaming is one of the largest terminal operators in Illinois where it provides unparalleled service to its partner locations and is an expert in gaming management and route operations in the distributed gaming industry. J&J Amusements is a leading operator for dart machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, ATM’s and other amusement devices. J&J now provides gaming and amusement services to over 3,100 locations across multiple states. To learn more about J&J Gaming and J&J Amusements, click here.

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