J&J Amusements League and Event Updates

J&J Amusements League and Event Updates


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, national tournaments where we normally send players were canceled, leagues in markets were put on hold, and events had to change to accommodate safety precautions. The list goes on, but J&J Amusements has continued to stay hopeful and has modified our events and rules as need be. Some rule altercations include that if any player that felt uncomfortable restarting in a league, they would be given a full refund of monies paid into the local league prize fund.


The Southern event had to be moved from its normal location in Effingham, IL to the Eagles Lodge in Vincennes, IN. It took place over two weekends instead of one weekend due to size restrictions. The J&J Dart PRP Finale was held on August 7-9, 2020 and the J&J Pool PRP Finale was held on August 14-16, 2020. For both events, face masks were supplied to all attendees and temperature checks as well as social distancing guidelines were utilized. We are still looking into our options for the North program as we wait on restrictions to be lifted.

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