Platinum Plus

The Platinum Plus program elevates the patron’s gaming experience with player-ranking rewards and promotions held at participating establishments partnered with Golden Route Operations! Platinum Plus’s player-ranking program relies on points patrons can accumulate through gameplay on any machine. Patrons are also given the chance to earn promotional points through location-based promotions and drawings. Sign up today, and kickstart your point collection to increase your rank. Platinum Plus provides patrons more for simply playing the most favorited games!

Increase Your Player Status!

Collect more points and increase your rewards!

The more you play the more points you earn! There are five different ranks a player can achieve in Platinum Plus: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. With each increase in rank, patrons earn more points for play, which allows you to earn additional perks at participating locations! Your rank is dependent on the total number of points a patron earns from machine play at the end of each month.  Play more and earn more points to increase your player rank through Platinum Plus!

Earned Points

Earn points to increase your player ranking by playing any machine! Participating locations can offer location perks when points are redeemed. Check with your gaming establishment to see their cash-out policy.


Double or triple your gameplay points by participating in establishment promotions scheduled throughout the year! Promotional points can be redeemed at the establishment in which they were accrued.


Patrons also have an opportunity to win big through special establishment drawings. Players who are on-site and signed in when the drawing begins are entered to win! Prizes can range from promotional points, cash, or giveaway items.

How do I register for the Platinum Plus program?

Patrons can register at participating Golden Route Operations locations by providing their name, birthdate, phone number, and fingerprint. After the account setup is complete, a patron can check in by fingerprint or Platinum Plus provided key fob ID. We also encourage patrons to provide their mailing address so we can keep you updated on all the new promotions and drawings!

What are the different reward levels?

Players can achieve 5 different ranks, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus, the highest rank. Players start off at the lowest rank, bronze rank, and can increase their rank by earning points through game play at any machine. The point threshold for each rank is set by the individual location.

How do I earn points?

The amount of points earned is dependent on the location’s policy. A location can adjust how many points are earned by how many dollars are played on the machines by a player.
For Example, A bronze player may earn .25 of a point for every dollar played and that percentage increases .25 for each player rank. Platinum Plus also has drawings that help players earn points. Such as “Seahorse Race” or “Fish Pop” for each player signed in at the time of those events. The progressive drawing includes all players in the system, but they need to be signed in within a certain time in order to claim the drawings.

Do my points expire?

Points do not expire for patrons!

Who can register for the Platinum Plus Program?

Any patron 21 ages or older may sign up for the program if they provide their appropriate information to the casino attendant on duty when registering.

More questions on Golden Route Operation’s Platinum Plus rewards program

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