Why Not Stop – Clifton

Why Not Stop – Clifton

Video Gaming at Why Not Stop in Clifton, IL

When you’re considering different video gaming locations near and in Clifton, IL, why not stop at Why Not Stop – Clifton? Since the original pub owner Shelly Menard passed away, her friend Cathy Dundas has taken over to steer the bar’s future—just as Shelly would’ve wanted. Now, the doors stay open and the drinks stay flowing for all the loyal customers and players to enjoy.

When you take on specific video poker and slot machines in Clifton, you may be asked if you’d like to join the Player PAYBACK™ rewards program. Our recommendation? Do it. If you register and sign on over multiple days, you automatically win $10 in match play to support your next hot streak. Another cool perk is that you can accumulate J&J Gaming points to score free brand merchandise. Check out Why Not Stop – Clifton today.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Clifton

Why Not Stop – Clifton stands out from the crowd of bars with video gaming in Clifton. And you can tell when you walk in. The relationship between them and their loyal following really warms up the place. That’s because the owners and staff take great pride in what they do. From the friendly service to detailed Footloose-themed floats for Clifton Fun Days, they’re always going above and beyond for the area.

Come join the fun at Why Not Stop – Clifton. Their bartenders can make interesting cocktails such as kahlua hoppers. If you want to move your legs, try bags or shuffleboard outside. For special events, such as Fall Sunday Funday, extra tables are put out to enjoy some unique food and drink specials while listening to live bands.

There’s plenty to celebrate at Why Not Stop – Clifton, including holiday parties for New Year’s Eve or Christmas. They’ve also held fundraisers such as their Annual Bar Stool Golf Outing. In memory of the previous owner, this raises money to support a hospice. But you can cook up a party of your own too. Take on the video gaming machines and let’s find out if you can pull off a big-enough win to buy everyone a round or two. Cheers to Why Not Stop – Clifton.


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