Wauconda Bowl

Wauconda Bowl

Video Gaming at Wauconda Bowl in Wauconda, IL

Established in 1949, Wauconda Bowl is a cozy family-owned and operated bowling alley and video gaming bar. Wauconda Bowl has been run by Lori and her husband Danny for many years. Whether you’re gunning for three in a row on the lanes or the slot machines, they’re dedicated to providing you a one-of-a-kind experience that you just can’t get at a corporate-owned alley.

Wauconda Bowl shows their loyal gamers some appreciation with their Player PAYBACK™ rewards program. This makes Wauconda Bowl a tough video gaming location to beat. Come in, register, sign on over multiple days, and you win $5 in match play just like that. Moreover, pick up some J&J Gaming points along the way so you can redeem them for free brand merchandise.

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Wauconda Bowl isn’t just famous amongst local gamers for its incredible video gaming setup, people around the area recognize it as an important part of Wauconda’s history. That’s because in 1955, it started “The Humdinger”, an annual bowling tournament that’s become one of the longest-running USBC Sanctioned Handicapped Tournaments in Illinois. Come participate in a number of different categories for a chance at a huge cash prize. But remember—that’s not the only way to win some dough around here.

Wauconda Bowl provides an old-school vibe with a fresh facelift. They’ve got a phenomenal BES X Bowling Entertainment System and the eight lanes come tricked-out with all-new bumpers, gutters, scoring systems, LED TVs, and touch-screen consoles. Join in the fun with the daily open bowl or league play such as Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, and Youth. And you’ll never have to miss a sports game as you bowl because Wauconda Bowl has Xfinity and free wifi. Tune in with a cheesy pizza slice in hand.

But you know what’s better than coming home from a great night of bowling? Coming home from a great night of bowling with more money than you walked in with. Have a seat on any one of six video gaming terminals and see if your luck can bring you a big win at Wauconda Bowl.


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