Uncle Richie’s Place

Uncle Richie’s Place

Video Gaming at Uncle Richie’s Place in Lockport, IL

Go out and get one of the best bloody marys of your life at Uncle Richie’s Place in Lockport, IL. Locals consider it one of the greatest liquor stores and bars around thanks to its infamous bloody marys, fantastic bartenders, and old-school corner bar feel. It maintains a clean and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors, which can be a refreshing change of pace compared to just any of the restaurants with video gaming in Lockport.

The Lockport video slot machine scene is a whole lot hotter thanks to Uncle Richie’s Place. Here, you’re not just settling for any old “video gaming near me” experience. That is, if you sign up for the Player PAYBACK™ rewards program. With this, all you need to do is check in over several visits, and you automatically earn $5 to apply towards match play. Not to mention, you can also rack up J&J Gaming points for your chance to score some cool merchandise provided by J&J Gaming.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Lockport

Don’t be intimidated by the bikes out front. Uncle Richie’s Place isn’t just for bikers. It’s a place you can simply go, be yourself, and shoot the breeze with the friendliest staff around town. So even if local bars aren’t for you, we recommend you still give this special spot a chance. The “artwork” wall will certainly speak to that too.

Come in and enjoy well-priced drinks, or free tasty popcorn, while playing a round of darts or listening to 90s rock. While there isn’t a full menu, they do offer pizza and nuts to keep guests feeling satisfied as they hang out and bask in the good vibes.

While you’re here, you can’t pass up the video slots and poker machines. This will allow you to truly understand why and how this place is going to become your go-to video gaming spot. Uncle Richie’s Place is ready when you are for your shot at winning big.


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