The Shamrock Tavern

The Shamrock Tavern

Video Gaming at The Shamrock Tavern in Springfield, IL

Think you’ve been to all the bars with video gaming in Springfield, IL? Think again—because there’s no way you’d forget a day on the incredible slots at The Shamrock Tavern. This nice neighborhood tavern has amassed a sizable regular crowd, but welcomes all walks of life. It’s a great place to unwind, game, and meet people.

Not all of the Springfield gaming locations offer a robust Player PAYBACK™ rewards program like The Shamrock Tavern does. Here, those who register can win $5 in match play by signing on over multiple days. Players can also get free brand merchandise by accruing J&J Gaming points.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Springfield

There are plenty of bars with slot machines in Springfield, but how many of them will have you seeing green like The Shamrock Tavern? What we mean is, this is a classic Irish-themed pub. However, its Irish roots may be exactly what you need to get a little luck on your side while gaming. But even so, the clean establishment, fun atmosphere, stacked drinks menu, and smooth billiard tables should make any evening here a blast. The booming speakers can put anyone in the party mood.

Don’t be surprised if you walk in and see someone you know. This place is beloved by locals for its easy-going aesthetic. Even if you’re not gaming, you could watch the pool sharks for hours and enjoy yourself. That’s if you can manage to peel your eyes away from any of the sports games on the TV screens.

On unique holiday parties or celebrations, they are happy to beef up the menu. Enjoy their signature chili on Sunday football nights, jalapeño shots during Oktoberfest, corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s day, and more. With all that buzz, you should be amped up enough to take a spin for a big win on the slot machines. Come shake it at The Shamrock Tavern tonight.


(217) 698-7625


Mon-Fri: 12pm-1am; Sat& Sun: 11am-1am

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Player PAYBACK™ $5 Match Play Offer

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