Video Gaming at SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots in Moline, IL

Popular video gaming has nestled its way into Rock Island County. Yes, located within the city of Moline is a vibrant, vibing gaming lounge equipped with six state-of-the-art gaming machines ready for you to try your hand at luck.

There’s always something buzzing at SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots—and it’s usually the excitement surrounding their quality video gaming machines. Since 2018, SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots has become Moline’s local gathering place for gamers to congregate and enjoy the latest and greatest gaming technology. Thanks to J&J Gaming, SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots has a private gaming area stocked with machines built by the Midwest’s top gaming manufacturers.

SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots knows what their gaming patrons want. That’s why they’ve enrolled in J&J Gaming’s Player PAYBACK™ rewards program—a way for dedicated gamers to play, earn and win. Check-in at SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots kiosk every time you visit so you can redeem your location points for $10 in match play offers and exclusive merchandise.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Moline

You shouldn’t game on an empty stomach. That’s why SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots offers delicious small bites like hot chili, cheesy nachos, brats, and hot dogs. Pair your snack with a non-alcoholic beverage, free for all gaming patrons. Just ask the friendly staff and they’ll be happy to help.

Is your stomach rumbling? Fingers itching to take a spin on some high-quality video gaming machines? You know where to go. SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots is open every day of the week, so you can pop in after work or on the weekend. Make SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots your new favorite hangout—your friends will be sure to follow. Get gaming today and take a chance to win big at SUZI’S Chili Bowl & Slots.


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Player PAYBACK™ $10 Match Play Offer

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