Sandbar Bar & Grille

Sandbar Bar & Grille

Video Gaming at Sandbar Bar & Grille in Antioch, IL

Established over 60 years ago, Sandbar Bar & Grille can be found in Antioch, IL, tucked away at the end of a quaint gravel driveway on the Chain O’Lakes. Run by Nancy and Al for around a decade, they’ve dedicated this establishment to providing excellent food, thrilling video gaming, and a casual place to hang with friends or family.

The Sandbar Bar & Grille has an awesome Player PAYBACK™ rewards program that you can join by registering for free. Once you do this, you’ll win $5 in match play each time you check in over multiple days. Shop for free brand merchandise by turning in your accumulated J&J Gaming points.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Antioch

Fishermen enjoy conveniently visiting the Sandbar Bar & Grille through one of its many docks, and snowmobilers love riding around on the vast plots of land. In addition to its perfect location overlooking Lake Marie, this spot is known for its food and video gaming, a testament to owners Al and Nancy.

These two believe that all food is best served fresh. No wonder regulars can’t get enough of their homemade pizzas and signature sandwiches including Reubens, Burgers, and Italian Beef. It’s the quality of food at Sandbar Bar & Grille that differentiates them from other restaurants and bars on the Chain. Because of their large deck and huge beach area (complete with picnic tables), there’s room for everyone.

Since they have so many TVs and drink specials, Sandbar Bar & Grille is a great choice for sports fans. It’s even home to the Skewer Bloody Mary on the Chain of Lakes. Because it’s beloved by the community, many marine units have their end-of-the-year party here, and the marines always leave raving about their food and boasting video gaming wins. Hop off your boat and into Sandbar Bar & Grille’s video gaming section to see if you can win big!


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