Pilot Travel Center #643

Pilot Travel Center #643

Video Gaming at Pilot Travel Center #643 in Effingham, IL

Located right off I-57 and I-70, Pilot Travel Center #643 boasts fuel, extensive parking, showers, public laundry, hot food options, high-quality video gaming, and more. When you’re on the road in Effingham, don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of Pilot Travel Center #643’s myriad amenities and top-notch entertainment.

Pilot Travel Center #643 has collaborated with J&J Gaming to bring premium video gaming to this highly convenient location. J&J Gaming partners with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the newest, most popular games and state–of–the–art graphics. When you need a break from driving, settle into the comfortable gaming terminals in the private, spacious gaming area at Pilot Travel Center #643 for a thrilling, immersive experience and your chance to win big.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Effingham

Pilot Travel Center #643 has exactly what you’re looking for during a long journey on the road: hot, hearty meals to fill you up. Try Pilot’s hand-roped pizza, homestyle meals, hot food favorites, and salads and sandwiches. Don’t forget to fuel up with a Pilot coffee. If you’re still hungry after taking a fresh shower and doing your laundry, choose your favorites from a wide selection of snacks and cold beverages.

After you’ve filled up and freshened up, refresh your mind in a world of thrills with premier video gaming. This perfect addition to your relaxation routine, along with Pilot Travel Center #643’s generous offerings will keep you coming back. So will Pilot’s rewards program, which allows you to reserve parking and showers in advance, earn points on fuel, and redeem offers in-store for food, beverages, and more. Whether you’re a truck driver or a road-tripper, reward yourself and come into Pilot Travel Center #643 for your possible cash out.


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