Pilot Travel Center #313

Pilot Travel Center #313

Video Gaming in East St. Louis, IL

Video Gaming at Pilot Travel Center #313 in East St. Louis, IL

If you’re on the road, Pilot Travel Center #313 is a must-stop on your trip. Both truck drivers on the job and car drivers on a road trip are welcome to all of the invaluable amenities they have to offer to make the rest of your journey as comfortable as possible. They offer parking spots to reserve and stay the night in, showers to feel fresh and clean after being crammed in the vehicle for so long, and public laundry facilities to wash and refresh the clothes you packed. Pilot Travel Center #313 also provides multiple delectable food options and entertainment to give you a break from the long day.

Pilot Travel Center #313 created a partnership with J&J Gaming to create an out-of-this-world gaming experience that will both relax and excite you. J&J Gaming provides top-tier video gaming terminals, working only with the most sought-after manufacturers like WMS, Bally, and Light & Wonder. There’s a vast, unique selection of games to choose from, so there’s no need to just choose one. Explore the different options and try to win big before you hit the road again.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in East St. Louis

Driving is hard work, and hard work whips up quite the appetite. When hunger hits, look no further than Pilot Travel Center #313. There are two famously delicious options: Subway and Taco Bell. Grab a freshly made sandwich catered specifically for you at Subway, or enjoy the famous Mexican pizza or a filling cheesy gordita crunch.

The entertainment offered at Pilot Travel Center #313 is an exceptional way to spend your time off from the drive. Their top-of-the-line video gaming machines provided by J&J Gaming are in a spacious, private gaming room so that you can decompress and try to win a big cashout in peace and quiet.

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