Norridge Game Cafe, LLC

Norridge Game Cafe, LLC

Video Gaming in Chicago, IL

Video Gaming at Norridge Game Cafe, LLC in Chicago, IL

The Windy City is known for a lot of things. Iconic neighborhoods, incredible music, and the best darn deep-dish pizza in the country. It’s also home to Norridge Game Cafe, LLC—a gaming parlor dedicated to to-of-the-line video gaming.

Norridge Game Cafe, LLC is a go-to destination for gaming enthusiasts city-wide. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a fun night out or seeking a high-quality gaming environment, Norridge Game Cafe, LLC has you covered. Norridge Game Cafe, LLC has teamed up with J&J Gaming to create the perfect gaming oasis. Enjoy hours of thrilling entertainment at your fingertips as you sit in a comfortable J&J terminal. Test your luck on slot machines featuring the latest technology from top manufacturers and see what’s in store for you.

Want more out of the way you game? Become a member of J&J Gaming’s Player PAYBACK® program—a tiered rewards program designed to award your gaming experience. When you step into Norridge Game Cafe, LLC, you’ll get a chance to spin the digital wheel for J&J points. Redeem your winnings for exclusive merchandise as you work your way up the tiers. Stop waiting and start winning when you sign up for your new favorite rewards program.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Chicago

Who wants to pay for a drink when you can get one for free? Enjoy a complimentary nonalcoholic drink at Norridge Game Cafe, LLC while you put your luck to the test. Fuel up on delicious snacks and an alcoholic beverage to take things up a notch.

What are you waiting for? Relax from exploring the city and see if you’ll become the biggest winner in Chicago. Pick out a terminal and get gaming at Norridge Game Cafe, LLC.


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