Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way

Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way

Video Gaming at Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way in Marion, IL

As the go-to local coffee house, pub, and deli, Lucy’s Place has everything you could want to satisfy your food and beverage cravings throughout the week. It doesn’t hurt that it also doubles as a popular gaming parlor in town. Whether you call Marion home or are just passing through, make sure an afternoon pit stop at Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way gets on the itinerary.

Locals and visitors enjoy visiting this premier Marion gaming location for two reasons: the top-of-the-line video poker and slot machines and the Player PAYBACK® $10 Match Play Offers. This rewards program enables gaming patrons to earn points every time they video game at Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way and redeem those points for match play and merchandise. You also have access to complimentary nonalcoholic drinks while you play in the private gaming area. Talk about a neighborhood hangout that has it all. The next time you wonder if you should play video gaming in Marion, remember Lucy’s Place makes it impossible to say no.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Marion

Looking to fuel up before settling into the game room? Lucy’s Place is one step ahead of you. Stop by any time of day and order breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack. Be sure to pair your food with an equally tasty beverage—like coffee, tea, soda, beer, or wine. Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way has an option for every flavor preference.

Lucy’s Place offers much more than the average bar or coffee shop scene ever could. Where else can you enjoy a wrap and a glass of wine, have a conversation with a friend, and experience top-notch video gaming in Marion all in one visit? Only among the friendly staff and relaxed environment at Lucy’s Place. Don’t game in Marion without paying a visit to Lucy’s Place – Enterprise Way.


(618) 993-0888


Mon-Sat: 8am-10pm; Sun: CLOSED

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Player PAYBACK® $10 Match Play Offer

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