Love’s Travel Stop #395 – Kankakee

Love’s Travel Stop #395 – Kankakee

Video Gaming at Love’s Travel Stop #395 – Kankakee in Kankakee, IL

Whether you’re from Kankakee or just passing through, Love’s Travel Stop #395 is a popular gas station for all travelers. And it’s not just because of their gas prices and an incredible array of snacks. This Love’s also houses something else for you to enjoy: premium video gaming.

Tucked away in a private gaming room, you will find multiple video gaming terminals waiting for you. These premium machines are crafted by big-name manufacturers so you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying the latest and most popular gaming technology around.

Your opportunity to game here is thanks to industry giant, J&J Gaming. Since 1929, they’ve supplied spots like this one with top-quality gaming, so patrons like you can have somewhere to kick back, relax, and try their hand at luck. Stop by today to see what it’s all about.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Kankakee, IL

Another thing to look forward to—apart from the video gaming—is Love’s huge selection of food. They have anything you could ever crave: salty snacks, sweet treats, ice-cold drinks, hot and freshly fried meals, and so much more. Never go hungry when you step into this Love’s Travel Stop. Apart from food, they also offer various amenities for you to take advantage of. They offer truck parking, a dog park, private showers, wifi, bulk propane, a laundry facility, and more. This place truly takes care of all travelers passing through.

So, whether you’re on a road trip to the next town over, or you simply need a break after your day job, stop by Love’s Travel stop #395 today to enjoy the thrill of premium video gaming. Who knows—you could be Kankakee’s biggest winner yet.

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