Kokomo Joe’s in Troy

Kokomo Joe’s in Troy

Video Gaming in Troy, IL

Video Gaming at Kokomo Joe’s in Troy in Troy, IL

Who says Kokomo isn’t a real retreat? Enjoy what locals and visitors consider a gamer’s paradise at Kokomo Joe’s in Troy. Visit the tropics in your own backyard and take a chance to hit the jackpot in your new favorite tiki-inspired hangout.

Coconut cocktails and tropical drinks aren’t the only things you’ll be going nuts over. At Kokomo Joe’s in Troy, you can unwind in a tiki bar featuring the Midwest’s favorite video gaming. Enjoy a row of J&J Gaming terminals comfy enough to sit in all night long while you test your luck on the latest gaming technology. Thanks to manufacturers like Bally Technologies, Novomatic, and Aristocrat, you can embark on a wild night of endless chances to win big.

Hold on there, sailor. There’s more than meets the eye at Kokomo Joe’s in Troy. Kokomo Joe’s in Troy is proudly enrolled in J&J Gaming’s Player PAYBACK® program. This tiered rewards program is designed to reward the way you play. Just spin the digital wheel to earn J&J points for exclusive merchandise. Plus, you can earn a $5 match play offer for every ten Kokomo Joe points earned. What are you waiting for? Start winning and sign up now.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Troy, IL

Shake your night up with a craft beer or cocktail at Kokomo Joe’s in Troy. Whether you’re a rum fan or are craving an ice-cold seltzer, Kokomo Joe’s has got you covered. Want something a little more special than the average tiki drink or canned beverage? Ask the bartender at Kokomo Joe’s about top-shelf spirits.

Everyone is welcome at Kokomo Joe’s in Troy. Visit the friendly staff and fellow beachcombers for an unforgettable evening—and don’t forget to try your hand at winning big.


Sun-Thurs: 1pm-11pm; Fri & Sat: 1pm-1am

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Player PAYBACK® $5 Match Play Offer

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