JJ Twigs

JJ Twigs

Video Gamin in Wauconda

Video Gaming at JJ Twigs in Wauconda, IL

JJ Twigs has been a video gaming staple in Wauconda’s restaurant industry for decades. Find them on the corner of Old Rand and Bonner Roads, right off of Route 12. The first thing that comes to mind when people say JJ Twigs is their mouthwatering pizza. Locals seem to think that this pizzeria and pub houses the finest pies in the area.

When patrons are searching for restaurants with video gaming in Wauconda, they’re pleasantly surprised to come across JJ Twigs, largely due to the rewards. JJ Twigs’ Player PAYBACK® rewards program allows you to score $5 in match play by gaming over multiple days. Take your luck a step further: collect enough J&J Gaming points to receive free brand merchandise.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Wauconda

As a pizzeria, pub, and video gaming joint, JJ Twigs has a large amount of property. This includes both a restaurant and “The Park.” The latter is the second building in the back with an additional bar, outdoor patio, sand volleyball courts, big-screen TVs, and a private party room.

Besides delicious pizza, JJ Twig’s has an extensive food menu including salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, soups, pasta, and more. They even have an extraordinary dessert menu to satisfy your sweet tooth. At the bar, you’ll find your favorite beers and liquors, along with daily drink specials.

In addition to the tasty food and drinks, people love JJ Twigs for the unique atmosphere. They have eye-catching decor and even decorate for holidays. The large dining area is filled with tables and booths that have enough privacy for family seating. In the back room, you’ll find the bar area with additional seating and a gorgeous video gaming area. This is where JJ Twigs features their six video gaming terminals, each coming with dozens of games to choose from.

The amazing, family-friendly location goes above and beyond their call of duty to dish up a good time. Their mouthwatering food, customer service dedication, and outstanding entertainment make JJ Twigs the perfect place to try and pull off your next big win.


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