Jim’s Cork & Bottle

Jim’s Cork & Bottle

Video Gaming in Mt. Carmel, IL

Video Gaming at Jim’s Cork & Bottle in Mt. Carmel, IL

It’s hard to find an exceptional liquor store these days. With a saturated market, every liquor store seems to look the same inside and out. But that’s not the case with Jim’s Cork & Bottle. What sets Jim’s Cork & Bottle apart from the rest is its selection of high-quality video gaming stations.

Mt. Carmel locals will tell you that Jim’s Cork & Bottle is the go-to destination for premium spirits and slot machines. This liquor store offers a remarkable selection of beverages while also featuring top-of-the-line slot machines from J&J Gaming. Enjoy the latest video gaming technology from manufacturers like Bally Technologies, Inspired, Novomatic, and more while you test your luck in your neighborhood liquor store.

Whether you’re seeking a fine whiskey, a crisp white wine, or a refreshing craft beer, Jim’s Cork & Bottle has shelves stocked to the brim. Check out what’s in store for you after your gaming session ends.

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There’s a lot more to love about Jim’s Cork & Bottle. Discover the genuine hospitality and premier beverage selection at this locally-renowned liquor store. The five-star staff is always ready to assist you, whether you need help with a drink selection or you’re just looking for guidance on the slot machines.

Jim’s Cork & Bottle in Mt. Carmel, IL is so much more than a packaged liquor store. There’s no need to worry about turning up empty-handed to your next special event, because Jim’s Cork & Bottle has you covered. Stop by for a six-pack or more that will surely impress your friends and guests.

Why wait? Come and experience all of what Jim’s Cork & Bottle has to offer, including a chance to win big. Cheers to great times and unforgettable moments in Mt. Carmel.


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