J.R.’s Lounge – Villa Grove

J.R.’s Lounge – Villa Grove

Video Gaming in Villa Grove

Video Gaming at J.R.’s Lounge in Villa Grove, IL

You haven’t experienced peak video gaming until you’ve gamed at one of Villa Grove’s most popular hangouts: J.R.’s Lounge. This local restaurant bar is a popular Villa Grove gaming location and a foodie’s paradise. When you have the opportunity to game at J.R.’s Lounge, don’t let it pass you by. Stop by for your chance to win big on premium gaming machines.

What makes the video gaming experience at J.R.’s Lounge stand out in the crowd? The high-quality gaming machines. Illinois native terminal operator J&J Gaming partners with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers—including WMS, Bally Technologies, and Novomatic—to supply local hangouts like J.R.’s Lounge with highly sought-after gaming machines. To kick things up a notch, J.R.’s Lounge also offers a Player PAYBACK™ rewards program $10 Match Play Offer. When you enroll in this rewards program, you earn points every time you game that can be redeemed for match slot play and merchandise. Time spent wondering where to play video gaming in Villa Grove is over. Check out J.R.’s Lounge today.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Villa Grove

When we said J.R.’s Lounge is known for being a foodie’s paradise, we meant it. This place dishes out classic American cuisine that’s made from scratch daily—from juicy burgers and steaks grilled to perfection to BBQ sandwiches and sauteed shrimp. When you want high-quality food at low prices, you go to J.R.’s Lounge.

When locals recommend a local spot for offering delicious food options and cold beer in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, it’s no surprise that it has a five-star rating. Stop searching for a place to video game in Villa Grove, and head to J.R.’s Lounge.


(217) 832-8240


Mon, Tues, Thurs: 2pm-12am; Wed & Fri: 1pm-12am; Sat: 10am-12am

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Player PAYBACK™ $10 Match Play Offer

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