Holzlager Brewing Company

Holzlager Brewing Company

Video Gaming at Holzlager Brewing Company in Woodstock, IL

Woodstock, IL has its very own brewing company! Far from the only quality feature of this establishment, Holzlager also contains an amazing video gaming scene. When looking for video gaming in Woodstock, Holzlager Brewing Company is tough to beat. Make the most of your time gaming at Holzlager by registering for the Player PAYBACK® rewards program. In addition to this sweet perk, you can also pool together J&J Gaming points to look fresh in new brand merchandise as you spin to win.

Holzlager—the german translation of Woodstock—began proudly serving the community in 2019. Founders and friends Travis Slepcevich, Mario Cortez, and Charles Moran first bonded over their passion for craftsmanship, dedication, and beer! Then, the trio set out to brew high-quality craft beer using their unique blend of traditional brewing techniques and state-of-the-art methods which they named “The Brewight Method.”

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The beers at the Holzlager Brewing Company have quickly stolen the hearts and palettes of Woodstock residents! The owners concoct some of their brews using locally sourced hops to support regional farms. With a precise, automated control system, the HCB masters can always keep an eye on the process to ensure quality and consistency.

Driven by customer satisfaction, the founders successfully created an open-concept seating arrangement where rustic charm meets industrial functionality. The space also provides the perfect window into the world of brewing! On the other side of the seating area, Brew Masters are hard at work concocting the next big batch. The handcrafted brews pair nicely with Holzlager’s delicious food options.

The guest experience is also enhanced through quality entertainment. Holzlager’s five outrageously fun video gaming machines are housed away in a private gaming room and equipped with the latest and greatest games in the Illinois market! This spot provides an exceptional level of comfort and seclusion that every gamer dreams of.

In need of freshly-brewed beer, tasty treats and some big wins? Holzlager Brewing Company is ready to quench your cravings!


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