Fairview BP

Fairview BP

Video gaming in Fairview Heights, IL

Video Gaming at Fairview BP in Fairview Heights, IL

Whether you’re searching for casual weeknight entertainment or a place to camp out all weekend long, Fairview BP is the place for you. This local convenience store, packaged liquor store, and video gaming hub has everything you need and more. Head to 10040 Lincoln Trail to see all that this hometown hangout has to offer.

Fairview BP’s video gaming experience wouldn’t be what it is today without such high-quality machines. Since this Fairview Heights staple establishment in 2020, the private gaming area has been filled with the newest, most advanced gaming equipment on the market. You have J&J Gaming to thank for that. This reputable terminal operator partners with local gaming locations like Fairview BP to provide them with top-of-the-line machines from the industry’s leading manufacturers—including Spielo International, Inspired, and WMS. Don’t wait to visit Fairview BP. The chance to win big on premium gaming equipment is right at your fingertips.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Fairview Heights

Locals say Fairview BP has some of the best beer, wine, and liquor prices in town—not to mention the well-stocked shelves. From bottom shelf to top shelf, this place has it all. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply ask a courteous and helpful staff member to help find it. They’ll even place a special order if necessary. Talk about top-notch customer service. One more thing: gaming patrons have access to free nonalcoholic drinks every time they game at this location. At this point, there’s no reason not to check out Fairview BP.

Fairview BP is the one-stop shop for all your refreshment and entertainment needs. After all, where else can you fill up your tank, quench your thirst, and game on premium equipment all in one trip? If you haven’t been to Fairview BP yet, now is the time.


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Sun-Sat: 6am-11:30pm

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