Brookhills Golf Club

Brookhills Golf Club

Video Gaming in Springfield

Video Gaming at Brookhills Golf Club in Springfield, IL

From the luscious fairways to the premium slot machines, Brookhills Golf Club is the premier destination for top-notch golfing and video gaming in Springfield. This golf course and gaming hangout was established in 1991 to provide local gamers with the quality entertainment they deserve. If you need a place to game in Springfield, remember that Brookhills Golf Club does it best.

Brookhills Golf Club is a sought-after Springfield gaming location for two reasons. Besides being home to the market’s best gaming equipment, this place also features a Player PAYBACK™ rewards program $5 Match Play Offer. That means while you’re gaming on the premium machines that J&J Gaming supplies from industry-leading equipment manufacturers—such as WMS, Inspired, and Novomatic—you’re earning points that can be redeemed for slot play and merchandise. When it comes to Springfield entertainment, video gaming at Brookhills Golf Club is hard to beat.

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment in Springfield

Brookhills Golf Club is one of those rare places where you can win big at video gaming and at golf all in one visit. With years of experience under its belt, Brookhills Golf Club features all the golf services and amenities you need at the rates you want in a laid-back atmosphere.

When you’re not gaming at Brookhills Golf Club, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying a hot pizza and a cold drink at the bar. Remember to ask your bartender about the signature cocktails next time you stop by. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch one of the rotating live bands putting on a show on the back patio. Locals say concerts are best enjoyed with a cold drink in hand and friends by your side. Now that you know about the gem that is Brookhills Golf Club, you no longer have to wonder where to play video gaming in Springfield.


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Player PAYBACK™ $5 Match Play Offer

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