Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry

Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry

Video Gaming at Big Fran’s Boardwalk Gaming in McHenry, IL

Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry is giving locals the opportunity to win big in McHenry, IL. The cafe owner, Fritz Larsen, has completely renovated the Stuc’s Pizza building to give guests the proper welcome they deserve. Now when you walk in, you’re led straight to the fun stuff—the bar and slots.

Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry offers a lucrative Player PAYBACK™ rewards program. Stop in and register so that anytime you play over multiple days, you receive $10 in match play. If you love free merchandise as much as we do, just collect J&J Gaming points to bag your favorite items.

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Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry is a neighborhood video gaming cafe that opened just four months after its successful predecessor: Big Fran’s Boardwalk Gaming in Johnsburg. And just like the Johnsburg location, the interior is spacious but maintains a cozy atmosphere. The earth-toned walls, subtle decor, and dim lighting give the exclusive Atlantic City theme, a cool vibe.

The video poker and slot machines were thoughtfully positioned throughout Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry. This way, every gamer is sure to feel a sense of privacy while still maintaining direct access to an attendant. Have a seat at any terminal and use the small side tables to put down your drink, purse, coat, or any other personal items. You can also help yourself with snacks such as nuts and cookies. Make yourself comfortable too as you talk to a friend, wait for a machine to open up, or enjoy a glass of wine.

Big Frans Boardwalk Gaming McHenry is another great addition to the lineup of businesses to which Fritz has honored his mother, Fran. Fran certainly would be proud of the carefully styled, esthetically pleasing, and relaxing environment made for video gaming players here.


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