Regulated Gaming Advocacy

As the national leader in Distributed Gaming, J&J Gaming actively promotes and supports regulated video gaming.

Distributed Gaming is the placement and operation of video poker and slot machines in small business venues, such as bars, restaurants, veteran’s organization, fraternal organizations, truck stops, and similar locations as licensed by state government under a three-tiered or similar regulatory scheme.

Distributed Gaming provides a safe, regulated, and secure environment that brings more revenue, employment, and economic opportunities at local and state levels. With additional revenue from gaming distribution, small businesses can create and preserve more jobs and enhance local communities.

Protect Distributed Gaming and continue to bring greater tax benefits to support your state and small businesses.

Distributed Gaming Benefits

Learn more on how Distributed Gaming can bring great success and revenue to your state.

Your complete economic solution.

Distributed Gaming provides the most robust state and local tax revenue generation opportunity in the gaming space, supports thousands of jobs, and creates economic development and growth opportunity for small businesses on main streets throughout the United States.

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