Our 95th Anniversary Winners!

Our 95th Anniversary Winners are here!

We are thrilled to celebrate our 95th Anniversary with our most loyal patrons! In honor of this milestone, our 95th Anniversary Sweepstakes will award a share of $95,000 to eight lucky winners from our four tiered reward levels: Member, Insider, Elite, and VIP. Winners were drawn on July 1st and are currently being contacted to confirm their details! Once validated, a complete list of confirmed winners will be posted below.

We hope everyone enjoyed participating in our 95th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Be on the lookout for more chances to win coming soon.

Our 95th Anniversary Winners:
*Winners must complete the required paperwork and submit it to J&J Gaming before they can officially be confirmed and displayed below.

VIP WINNERS – $20,000:

Charlie C. – Rockford, IL
William T. – Ingleside, IL

ELITE WINNER – $15,000:

Tony S. – Bushnell, IL

Mary Jane S. – East Alton, IL


Colleen M. – Rockford, IL

Daniel M. – Macon, IL


Peggy F. – Peoria, IL

James J. – Greenup, IL

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