J&J acquires Commonwealth Gaming

September 1, 2022 – J&J Ventures Gaming of Pennsylvania, LLC, a licensed terminal operator in Pennsylvania and an affiliate of Illinois-based J&J Ventures Gaming, LLC, is pleased to announce its acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Commonwealth Gaming, LLC, a licensed terminal operator in Pennsylvania. With headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Gaming provides terminal operator services to licensed truck stop establishments throughout Pennsylvania.  Commonwealth Gaming has a proven track record of maximizing customer revenue and has built a strong video gaming route. With the acquisition of Commonwealth Gaming’s route, J&J Gaming further expands its service in the Pennsylvania market and will now serve over 2,400 licensed video gaming locations in Illinois and Pennsylvania.

“We are excited to broaden our footprint in Pennsylvania and we will continue to build upon the success of their video gaming partners by focusing on the standards set by the Commonwealth Gaming team with 1-hour service response times, developed promotions, and real-time revenue tracking. J&J is eager to bring more to the Pennsylvania video gaming experience with our knowledge in gaining, maintaining, and maximizing game play,” says Bob Willenborg, CEO of J&J Gaming. “We are proud to welcome Commonwealth Gaming customers and employees to J&J and look forward to our development in Pennsylvania!”

“At Commonwealth Gaming we are proud of our expansive gaming route and accomplished partners in the Pennsylvania market.  We have proven that we are an experienced terminal operator, focused on increasing revenue for our clients. Our strong track record of helping our clients prosper will continue with the partnership of J&J Gaming and will grow to new levels,” says Leo Akselrud, CEO of Commonwealth Gaming. “We are excited about what is to come for the gaming locations in Pennsylvania!”

Pennsylvania lawmakers expanded the Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act in 2017 to include video gaming in truck stop establishments to bring in additional revenue, employment opportunities, and tax relief.  J&J Ventures Gaming of Pennsylvania was one of the first terminal operators to receive conditional video gaming terminal operator licenses from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in 2018, as well as to receive final approval as a video gaming terminal operator in 2019. 

J&J Ventures Gaming of Pennsylvania is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, while its affiliates J&J Ventures Gaming, LLC and J&J Ventures Amusements, LLC operate out of Effingham, IL where their predecessor began route operations in 1929.  Today, J&J Gaming is one of the largest terminal operators in Illinois where it provides unparalleled expertise in gaming management and route operations through its 24/7 service, detailed reporting, fast and flexible payouts, a full-service marketing team, and much more! J&J Amusements is a leading operator of non-gaming devices like dart machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, ATMs, and other amusement devices.  J&J now provides gaming and amusement services to nearly 3,200 locations across multiple states. To learn more about J&J Gaming and J&J Amusements, click here.

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